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Sometimes I am online and we can chat, just look in the box to the right to see if I am "online" If not, you can always e-mail me. Your e-mail will go to my phone, and I will be able to respond from there.

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Please make sure that you check your spam box, sometimes people will block my emails and they will not know it. Many times I respond within minutes, so be ready!

If you have any trouble at all, please feel free to contact me, but please remember.. I am a Paramedic on the West Coast, so I just may be sleeping. If it's 6:00am there it is 3:00am here.

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EMT Exam Tutor (ONE ON ONE!)


Add to Cart $399.00 "Put that test to rest"
was $500

Failed the exam before? (several times)
Do you have a "job offer" pending the pass of NREMT exam?
Worried about the next time you test?
Are you a "bad test taker"?
Looking to help your son or daughter pass the National Registry exam?
Looking for a Paramedic Tutor that knows the NREMT exam inside and out?

Well, you have come to the right place! For a limited time (and I mean limited) I am going to offer NREMT exam tutoring by phone. I am going to take about two to three hours speaking with you by phone in regards to preparing for the National Registry Test. If you are serious about passing the test, then this program is for you!

How it works:

After you purchase the EMT Tutor Program, you will receive an e-mail to schedule a date and time that is good for both you and I to sit down and talk about your strengths and weaknesses in regards to National Registry Exam. I will give you a ton of information and scenarios you "MUST" know before you take the exam.

What you will need for the appointment:

1. A pen and note pad

2. Your old scores (Honest scores) I need to know where you are weak to fix the problems (Copy them from the NREMT website.

3. Your complete attention and focus

4. Your promise to memorize and put my information and tips to work!

What you get!

1. One on one tutoring with a real working Paramedic
2. 6 to 8 hours of phone help discussing the NREMT exam
3. I will identify your weaknesses and tell you what to study
4. I will tell you exactly what to study

5. Treatments and patient priorities. Is it really A,B,Cs first?

6. Strategies before your exam
7.Confidence restoration

I will make a promise to you that I will not waste your (or my) valuable time and money! You will get a lot of great information that will allow you to finally put that exam to bed. This is the most comprehensive review of the exam you can get on the net. I will focus on everything you need to know..no junk, no fluff! The next time you take the exam, you will feel more and more confident as you answer each question, not scared, not unsure!

Do it today! Let's talk! We can do this together! You are not the only person to fail this exam, so don't stress, don't worry! Hold your head up high! You will do it!

I have never had a person I helped by phone fail the exam, but you will still have to put it in your brain! I have helped approximately 200 people pass the National Registry exam, and many of them had failed the exam 3 and 4 times.

I am looking forward to meeting you and making a new "EMT" friend!

There are limited spaces each month, because I work a full time Firefighter/Paramedic job, and I have a family. Please try to schedule as soon as you can. It takes me a lot of time to do these reviews and I do not want you to be disappointed if I am booked for this month.

Your future EMS Partner(s)
Forrest Firefighter/Paramedic
or EMS Partner

Forrest Munden



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Here is just one of the many e-mails I receive after people pass their exams. Roger just finished taking the NREMT-P exam.

"When I saw Forrest's ad in id44.com. I was skeptical. 
Time and money were running out. I had taken the NREMT Paramedic exam twice, and failed miserably. I had a job offer contingent on if I could pass the NREMT.
I called Forrest that night, and I got a call back that SAME NIGHT!  Forrest calmed my nerves, and didnt make any promises or gaurentee's that seemed too good to be true.
He stated Facts, and gave a method to the chaos in my head. He worked with me on HIS spare time, and tweaked and corrected anything that I didnt understand or do correctly.
Still Nervous, I went to take the exam. Forrest boosted my confidence and courage and reaffirmed that I had all the knowledge I needed. He gave me good pointers, trigger words
to watch out for, and taught me how to break down a scenerio and get to the root of a problem.  It was no suprise that I passed my exam with Flying Colors!!
   For all you skeptics out there- I highly reccomend this program. I couldn't have done it without you Forrest!! THANK YOU!!
-R Stokey, EMT-Paramedic

"I took the test last Friday, had a lot of 12 lead questions. The majority of the test was scenario based and followed your practice line of questions real good.. I spent my last 3 days of studying solely on ID44.COM and passed the test, Thanks a lot and I certainly will recommend you to others. Roger. Practicals are this Saturday morning so there will be a PARTY in Sioux City, Iowa this Weekend. Again thanks a lot!!"

I removed a lot of the content from this letter, because I received some great tips from this individual. I will (as always) build my questions around his recommendations for study (as I do from other emails I receive)
Forrest EMT-P

  Already taken the exam? Have some tips to add?
Please drop me an e-mail!
Tell me!
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Why buy these exams?



I have been where you are right now, I have been stressed out, wondering what to study and where to place my focus. Sound familiar?

That's why I created id44.com. I started to gather information on the NREMT test years ago (When I became an EMT) and continue to compile relevant information into my exams to help you pass the first time!

So relax, you are in the right place. id44.com changes every few days to keep up with the latest in NREMT testing, so you do not have to!

I have seen the exam and challenge it regularly to make sure I am on top of my game. I will continue to improve this site, and create more free stuff as time goes by

Thanks again!
Forrest EMT-P