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I don't know too much about this one but it's $21.00

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About the National Registry Test
So you heard the National Registry test was tough huh? Well, you are correct! The test is very difficult, even for those who "studied"

What's on the test?
Well, that is also difficult to explain. The questions are long winded and technical, most of the questions are scenario based, so it is hard to say "This is the question I saw on the test"
I would also imagine that it is illegal to post answers to questions on such important tests, so if you are looking to cheat, this is NOT the site!

How to study:
The best advice I can give is to say know the basics. I mean KNOW them. If you are thinking the test is laid out so that only one word will "key" you in to the correct answer, you are incorrect. The NR test uses the same keywords within all possible correct answers, only EMT's that "know" their stuff will pass.
Don't waste your time studying the abstract. Know the basics.

Know your blood pressure. What is normal for infants and adults?
Know shock! Shock is huge!
Cold clammy? What does that mean?
What are late signs of shock?
What are early signs?
Know what low and high blood sugar does.
Diabetics and seizure questions are abundant!
Know your breathing rates from infants to adults.
Know all about inhalers, even how to help/assist in the administration(How the inhaler goes into the lungs, how long to hold it in, when to cough ETC)
Know your burns and treatment
Know your heart attack,stroke,MI ETC signs and symptoms.
Know S/S of head trauma
Know S/S of poisoning
Know about EPI pens and allergic reactions

Side note:
I knew my trauma, so I scored in the 90's, but I did terrible in Pediatrics and Airway. These are really tough! All I can say is, if you truly know how everything I listed above works within ALL patients, then you will do good.

Good study guides
Any book that is current, and trains you using the same format as the National Registry (Multiple choice scenario) Short Cliff Note style books are good. Books that tell you what the correct answer is and why. Websites that offer the same, typical test, with the same universal answers, might help you pass a hiring test, that's right.."a hiring test"!! Every private ambulance company has a test that you must pass, before you are hired. So brush up weekly, and you forget questions like. What's the first thing you do when you arrive at the scene. Lol! The National Registry test is not like that. The National Registy will give you a scenario with a few correct options, and scene safety will be embeded within one of the answers. Take your time and read every question! Put a small "dot" next to the question you were not sure on, and go back to it. Anyway, where was I? Yes, Good study guides..
Don't clutter your mind reading 1,000 page telephone books; but good reading within the book you took your class in, will give you the understanding of the body and it's reactions. Chose a couple of pages at a time, not chapters! Short and simple!
Know what is happening to the human body. Don't just memorize body parts, distances, and other useless information. You should be able to tell if an infant is breathing normal or not. Do not expect the infants breathing rate to match the book to the exact respiration! Know the range, rate, and effort!!!!!

I bought the pamphlet off the NREMT's web site that was supposed to help me prepare for the test. It took them two weeks to ship it, so I did not get it in time. I definitely saw some similarities in their pamphlet and the NR test. I tried to incorporate a similar test on this web site, so you do not have to rely on them. Their test booklet has 50 questions in it. Take a look! It costs about $15.00. The National Registry is not too eager to help when you call in, or need assistance. So try to use them as little as possible. Maybe I just ran into one bad employee. It's like the DMV if that helps any.

Speaking of DMV!!!
Don't forget to get your ambulance license before you apply at an ambulance company.

What you need!!!!!
1. Go to the DMV and get the Ambulance study guide for $5.00 and a Green Medical Examiners card/form. They should know what that is, but don't count on it. It is the DMV. They did not know what that was when I went in, so I had to find the season veteran freshly off break.

2.Next, go get a "Live Scan" (Your finger prints) from the sheriff's department or from an out dated list the DMV supplies you with. Be prepared to pay double from whatever the flyer says. It is about $50.00. Most places need an appointment, because is the government, so expect the least to take the longest.

NOTE!!(Make an appointment at the DMV) this can reduce the normal waiting time of nine hours to just an easy five.
3.Take your medical examiners card (A green card) from the DMV, and have your doctor fill it out correctly (Don't let them screw it up) I have heard horror stories about guys having to have to go into the DMV multiple times. Yikes!. The DMV will not accept it if you do not have a doctor's "stamp" on it, and if all boxes are not filled in. You cannot take the ambulance test if you do not have this card and a "Live scan" You also need a clean background. No felonies! Have about $20.00 in hand for the test, and since you are at the DMV. Most ambulance companies and your local County you work in will require a DMV printout of the last 6 years. The printout cost $5.00, your county card for us it is ISEMA, it costs $40.00.
You will not have to worry about the ISEMA card until you pass your NR exam. That cost cost can vary. From $20.00 to $150.00. That all depends on your school.

4. Wait in line at the DMV and take your Ambulance test. Good luck! You will receive a permit in the mail. The test is easy, study in line you have 5 hours. you have three chances to pass the test or you have to repay and take it again 10 days later. Talk about pain!

More about the test later.. PS must sleep for work in the AM. Hope I helped!

Questions? E-mail look top of the page dork! Under "Contact us

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Good books to help you prepare. About $15.00
Read more below!

Tell us about other EMT study guides